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Below are our steps to help deliver a safe service to maintain your lawn and garden:

  • The Treatment Process FAQ's
  • Q&A
  • Covid 19 update latest
  • Past Covid 19 customer updates
  • Customer responses

The Treatment Process

We will continue to send our service emails prior to our call, we have updated details within each message, please take time to read it. We are keen to ensure that you maintain the ability to raise questions or concerns about your lawn. You can do this by either emailing or telephoning before the visit. We will then assess any queries whilst we are there.

Q and A

Covid-19 update latest

We continue to live through extreme and challenging times. We are taking a pro active part in dealing with the COVID-19 / Corona Virus, whilst trying to reduce disruption of our services.

We continue to take steps to ensure your safety and the safety of our employees, these are based around before we call, when and after we call.

Working together we can ensure safety is a top priority.

Customer and Employee Safety

The health and safety of our customers and employees is of the utmost importance to us. All of our employees are following the strict hygiene instructions issued by the government and the NHS in order to minimise the risk of spread and they have been issued with additional precautions within our specific work environment to further help with this.

In addition, the nature of our service means we are able to carry out seasonal lawn and other treatments with little to no face-to-face contact with customers in order to do our part in minimising the risk of spreading the virus.

With this in mind our technicians will be taking the following steps to ensure your safety as well as their own:

  • We will either knock or ring the doorbell, step back to observe social distance, if no answer, then like other services e.g. window cleaner, we will get straight to work.
  • Help them comply with social distancing rules and ensure that we have access to the area to be treated and any gates are unlocked, open and passageways are clear for our staff and equipment, we have included an estimated arrival time to help with this.
  • If you wish to speak to the technician face-to-face, they have been instructed to stand a minimum of 2 metres from you at all times (as per the government guidelines).
  • Our technicians are lone workers, so their contact with the general public is minimal.
  • We would prefer you make payment for services by BACS transfer, the payments details are on our invoice, so you do not need direct contact with the technician for this.

While we are continuing to operate at this time, we will continue to take guidance from the NHS and government on any restrictions recommended.

We would like to reassure you at this time that we can continue to provide you with your lawn care services while taking every precaution to minimise the risk of spread.

Keep well and stay safe.

Last updated 1/11/2020

For consistency, these changes will apply for all visit’s members of the Greener Gardens team make.

Events are moving very quickly, we will continue to monitor the situation closely, reviewing developments and government advice. We hope the above will maintain our service levels, but also helps me make sure we all keep as safe as possible during this time.

Thank you for your support in keeping one another safe during these unprecedented times.

Past Covid 19 updates

In line with Government instructions about Keeping your business open and positive media clarification about trades working in the garden.

Below is record of Covid 19 customer correspondence and the efforts we are taking.

Some customer responses

Below are a few customer responses received regarding the above communication;

Many thanks John – I will warn the family to expect you – good luck to all your excellent team & stay safe." - Mr Page

"Thanks for your continued excellent and safe service." - David

"Thanks for your updates and keeping us so well informed. I feel your pain as a self employed builder myself" - Andy

This strikes me as being as considerate as it is wise. Many thanks John ; I am fully in agreement. Best wishes from Malaysia…but not for much longer! Neil

Thank you for the update John. Best of luck for this challenging time. – Meghan

Thanks John, Understood and agreed!

Thanks John, most thoughtful of you, understood and much appreciated – Andy

Thank you for your excellent response. I suggest not to bother to leave a treatment note, maybe convert all in electronic form? Best wishes Eddy

Happy for you to continue our treatment which I think is next week. Don’t bother even ringing the bell. You have full access to the lawns. Just leave the bill as you say.

Thank you – Very helpful email

Thanks John, appreciate this. I’m finally realising that this situation is serious and therefore really necessary to follow the national guidance. Am perfectly happy to accept your changes, and hope that your business continues un-interrupted.

Thank you for this thoughtful email and approach – David

That’s all good for me John, thank you.

Thank you for an excellent service under very difficult circumstances. – Jenny and Trev

This is an excellent, clear email and very sensible! – Keep well, James

Thank you for this update of your services. Much appreciated. Your Q & A section is very helpful for your customers.

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