Over Seeding Overview

Improves your lawns appearance, colour and texture.

Did you know up to 25% of your lawn dies each year!. Overseeding improves colour, texture and disease resistance.

Why? The stronger less desirable grasses can become more dominant in your lawn, resulting in a varied texture and inconsistent colour.

Over seeding can be used to rejuvenate your tired lawn changing the mix of grasses present to more suitable ones for the conditions or thicken an existing lawn.

Over Seeding is available as either a one-off treatment, Lawn Refresh or as part of our annual lawn Connoisseur programme.

What will Over Seeding do?

Overseeding will:

  • Dramatically improve the appearance of the lawn
  • Introducing new grasses will give the lawn a luxurious look
  • Help retain its colour in periods of drought
  • Reduce the ability for weed invasion through a thicker sward.

Tips for success

In order for the seed to germinate and survive, preparation and aftercare must be carried out properly. Grass seed germinates in warm conditions, when it is kept consistently moist. If it gets wet, then dries out, germination will fail. We recommend over seeding in mid late and Autumn periods

The key to good germination is preparation, for new lawns a good tilth, or crumbly soil, will enable the seed to hold the moisture and also get a foothold with its roots. When over seeding existing lawns we recommend that you prepare the soil by scarifying and / or aerating, then only use the best quality seed. Beware of grass seeds that claim to be shade resistant or better performing during drought, this does not mean that it will grow in full shade or with no water!

When seeding we use enough to keep everyone happy, including some for the birds and the rest to germinate!

Once germination has been achieved, the soil needs to be kept moist so that roots can develop. Water little and often as the seedlings become established, then encourage them to forage for water by watering less frequently, without letting the lawn dry out.

The final step is not to allow the new seedlings to get too long and straggly, cutting the lawn regularly will encourage thicker growth.

This is what can happen when you follow the care guide.

Project: Scarification and re seed; Recovery period 3 weeks.

Before and After Over Seeding

We recommend Green Velvet Grass Seed by Barenbrug, its also available from our on line shop or van when we call.

Why Green Velvet?Green Velvet range

Made by the experts in extreme grass, Barenbrug UK, which has more than 100 years’ expertise in grass seed production, The Green Velvet range is capable of establishing new lawns in 3-5 days, at low temperatures and in extreme conditions: children, pets, wellies and wild weather are game, set and match.

Tapping into more than a century of experience producing professional-level grass seed, Barenbrug UK’s scientists have meticulously tested Green Velvet to solve the most extreme lawn and turf challenges, and the new range, has the highest percentage of high-quality grass seed of any lawn product – with no padding. With 80 per cent of the seed grown in the UK, it also supports UK farmers.

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Over Seeding FAQs

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