Soil Enrichment & Biology Booster

Naturally feeds the soil for a healthier greener lawn

Soil Enrichment & Biology Booster

A great looking lawn begins with the soil. We understand the importance of good diet and exercise for our family health, lets not forget the lawn!


Like a healthy diet, improving your soils biological conditions will reduce the need for regular mechanical treatments and improve grass plants health.

Our Biology Booster stimulates and improves the soil biology in your lawn, micro-organisms are natural plant hormones, which encourages root growth, strengthens plant tissue and helps with disease recovery.

biology booster
Biology Booster

Other Benefits:

  • Adds beneficial species rich diversity biology to your soil
  • Encourages root and shoot development
  • Natural thatch reduction and aeration
  • Promotes quicker root development and aids new seed germination
  • Assists suppression of foliar and root disease
  • Provides a natural food source for soil microbes
  • Releases plant nutrients naturally
  • Improves grass plant stress resistance.

What does this mean?

The improved natural soil biology works on your lawn every day, with the benefit of helping your lawns natural eco system.

Repeated seasonal applications will improve the plants ability to take up nutrients, plus helps plants recover from attacks such as Red Thread and Fusarium.

Biology Booster is part of our Soil Nutrition programme aimed at unlocking the potential in your soil for a healthier lawn.

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Biology Booster FAQs

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