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Garden Diary

This Months Garden Diary - January

In January we all start off the gardening year with a blank canvas, knowing that if we are prepared to invest a little time and money our families will be rewarded with a beautiful garden full of decorative flowers, tasty vegetables and delicious fruit. Improving your garden may only be a small step, but the rewards in health, well-being and satisfaction are beyond price.

As we start a new decade, just doing small positive change, in your garden will contribute to making an environmental difference.

Beds and Borders . . .

Helping nature to grow a more beautiful garden, not only improves our environment and supports bio diversity; it has also been proved beneficial for mental health. Sowing seeds, nurturing plants and subsequently being rewarded with beautiful flowers, full of colour and scent, is a scientifically sure way of reducing stress and tension in your body.

Here are three easy projects to start gardening now:

  1. Plant a new rose or winter flowering shrub;
  2. Sow some flower seeds;
  3. The lawn is the heart of the garden, plan your lawncare year.

Visit your local garden centre or nursery and be amazed at the range of garden products and attractive shrubs that are in bloom even in the depths of winter.

Growing Your Own . . .

As everyone who has grown their own vegetables will know, home grown is extremely rewarding and it provides great regular exercise.

There is still time to plant out new fruit trees and bushes during mild spells of weather. Blackcurrants, blueberries, raspberries are all prime candidates – just choose the fruits that your family prefer and plant them in soil that has been improved with an organic soil conditioner.

The Lawn . . .

Your lawn is a great contributor to the environment.  Did you know that 200m2 of lawn produces enough oxygen to meet the everyday needs of a family of four, it will absorb 500kg of carbon per acre per year,  absorb heat and prevent water runoff.

Start the new year looking after your lawn, as grass grows throughout the year, albeit slower in the winter months, it can soon grow long in patches and look untidy during winter. A mid-winter cut will keep the lawn looking tidy and contribute to overall health. Best results will be achieved if you can cut the grass on a dry day when the dew has dried.

Your lawn could be a play area or show lawn, that not only looks great,  but acts as an interesting foil to colourful flower borders. Greener Gardens can help you during the changing seasons.  We use professional and natural products, all are safe for children and pets and will help you create a green weed free lawn.

If you would like help on improving your lawn in 2020, call Greener Gardens and we can provide a Free lawn “Health Check” and quotation to get your lawn in tip top condition.  Our services include aeration, scarification, over seeding and soil development for healthier grass, naturally.


During frosty weather, try to keep everyone off the grass. Trampling over a lawn that is white with ice crystals will bruise the grass leaves, leaving behind dark footprints that will be visible for a couple of months.

Patio Gardening . . .

While most plants are dormant, it’s a good time to prune back rampant climbers to reduce leaf growth and to ensure they bloom well.

The tangled growth of late flowering clematis can also be cut back to within a few inches of the soil, thus encouraging strong new shoots and taking away any growth that continues to carry any powdery mildew on the dead leaves.

Need some help killing mould, algae and moss on hard surfaces?

Moss, algae and moulds grow most vigorously in the cool, wet weather of winter when light levels are low and outdoor surfaces are moist. Their unsightly appearance is most obvious in early spring when you will first notice that surfaces are dark, dingy and often slippery. Hand scrubbing or brushing is time consuming and messy; pressure washing is not recommended for many surfaces.

Now is an ideal time for an application of Brinton’s Patio Magic, it kills green mould, algae and moss quickly, showing visible results in 2 to 4 days and goes on cleaning over the following weeks.

Patio Magic! is quick and easy to use without the need for hard work. Just dilute the concentrate in a watering can and thoroughly wet the affected surface, then simply leave it to dry. Patio Magic does the hard work without the need for acids, bleach or scrubbing. If that sounds hard work Greener Gardens can do it for you.

Garden Diary is written by John Draper of Greener Gardens, your local independent BASIS Lawn Assured specialist and Vice Chairman of the UK Lawncare Association.

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