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Garden Diary

June Garden Notes

Flaming June, well let’s hope so!. It’s the first month of summer when you start to see the results of all the work done earlier in the year. Although you can now reap the benefits and really enjoy the garden, there are still some essential jobs that need doing if the rest of the summer is going to be a success.

Judging the best time to plant out tender flowers and vegetables is the key to summer success, not too early for frosts to kill or damage them and not too late to defer flowering and cropping.


This is the time to plant out your bedding and other half-hardy plants, providing the fear of severe frosts and cold nights is over. For best results, prepare the soil well first and add some bulky organic matter or compost.

Adding a Continuous Release Plant Food to the soil at planting time will feed your plants all summer long and can even be placed in the planting hole. Water the plants in their containers well before planting out and water in well afterwards.

Always give the plants a good liquid feed with a Plant Food after cutting them back to ensure good, strong, healthy regrowth.

Topical tip

Tie in sweet peas as they grow to ensure they don’t flop and break their stems. Pick sweet peas regularly or flowering may start to slow down or even stop. Liquid feeding will help ensure a profusion of blooms.

Prune spring-flowering shrubs after flowering. This includes brooms (Cytisus), but don’t cut into old, brown woody growth, as they won’t reshoot from old growth and it will probably kill them.


Make your patio and other areas as colourful as possible this year, by planting up all your containers, tubs and hanging baskets with summer bedding and patio plants.

Make sure you use plenty of plants, so that the containers look full from the start. This way you’ll get a much better, more colourful display. To sustain such large numbers of plants, it’s essential to use a top quality potting compost.

When planting containers, use taller plants for height, trailers around the edge and then fill in with other, more bushy plants. If you’re using mesh-sided hanging baskets, pop a few plants through the sides too to help hide the basket and produce an even more colourful effect.

Make the most of your hanging baskets and ensure they provide a brilliant display to be proud of by using a Continuous Release Plant Food fertiliser and a Moisture Control Gel water-retention granules in the compost. The fertiliser will help feed the plants all summer and the gel will prevent the compost drying out prematurely, act as a water reservoir and so help ensure strong, healthy growth.


A fabulous lawn makes the rest of the garden look great and sets off all your summer plants – a poor lawn has the opposite effect.

Mowing weekly as the grass grows is important to maintain the look as well as ensure the grass grows thickly, which helps to keep weeds at bay. Regular mowing is also quicker and easier compared to leaving the grass until it’s so long that the cuttings box is full in a few minutes and you need to empty it after just a few passes.

As the grass grows, so too do the weeds! By now, dandelions, clover and daisies may be spreading through the lawn if you haven’t been looking after it properly. The easiest way to get rid of them for your lawn is to treat with a selective lawn weedkiller.

We can all take steps to improve conditions for wildlife, for example on a smaller lawn you could replace the weeds in lawns, such as daisies, buttercups and clover which attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators with wildflower containers and review your planting choices in flower borders to add suitable plants.  If you have a larger garden, you could consider a more managed wildflower area, grown either from seed or wildflower turf.

Would you like a thicker, lusher and healthier lawn? Now is a great time to let your lawn breathe. This is completed by a process called aeration and is a key factor in keeping lawns healthy and green, as, like us, your lawn and the soil beneath it needs to breathe.

Greener Gardens use a professional aerator to create lots of holes deep into the soil profile or you could use a garden fork. We don’t stop here, this is followed by an application of our 100% natural soil improver, this will encourage deeper rooting grass plants and promote even healthier grass.

Does all this sound hard work, why not call Greener Gardens, our trained staff apply professional weed controls to your lawn.


Continue making successional, little and often sowings of all salad and quick-maturing crops to ensure a regular supply throughout the summer.

Now’s the time to plant out tomatoes, once the first truss of flowers has set. You can grow them in soil in the border, but it’s often best to use other methods, such as growing-bags or better still Giant Planters. Don’t forget you’ll need to regularly water, feed and support the plants as the summer progresses.

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