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Garden Diary

This Months Garden Diary - May

May is one of the most exciting gardening months of the year. There are seeds to sow, patio pots and hanging baskets to be planted up. Vegetables such as runner beans and green beans will soon boost the production in any area designated for food crops or you can simply sow seeds of carrot and beetroot amongst your bedding plants. In the garden tulips should still be blooming and decorative shrubs such as cherry blossom and rhododendrons will be making a striking show.


In sheltered areas, sowing seed and planting out tender bedding plants can be undertaken early in the month. The end of May is the earliest that we can expect frosty nights not to be a fatal event. Take your pick of when it's best for you to plant outside - either early if you are prepared to cover your plants when a frost is forecast or later in the month to avoid playing weather watch.


Mow the grass as often as you are able and start to reduce the cutting height of the mower to get to the ideal height for summer. Why not give your lawn a weekly cut in summer to a minimum of 20 mm (3/4 of inch) and if it is well fed, the lawn will become thick and strong so that new weed seedlings don't get a chance to thrive.

If weeds are a problem use a selective weedkiller to kill them off.

While you’re mowing, take note of any bare patches, moss and weeds and deal with any problems you see.

The weather is always a challenge and natural rainfall has gone from feast to famine. If you are on a water meter it costs about £3 per week to water the average lawn.  Our web site contains a watering tool to help you calculate how little it costs to water your lawn.

As we are all spending more time in the garden, why not treat the lawn to more regular mowing and a weekly watering and enjoy the benefits of a healthy green weed free lawn.

If weeding and feeding sounds like hard work Greener Gardens can do it for you. Now is a great time to get started so call Greener Gardens to arrange a Free no obligation quotation on 0115 837 8439 or visit us


It's time to start tender green beans into growth including runner beans, climbing French beans and dwarf bush beans.

Tomatoes - You may have sown the seed at the beginning of April, if not you may be able to buy seedling plants from local stockists.

Finally, Now is a great time to sow seeds of green salad leaves. Nowadays you can buy a packet of mixed seed. When the leaves are about 10cm tall start cutting with a pair of scissors leaving the stumps behind where next month's crop will emerge.

Top Tip - Keep sowing fast-maturing vegetables, such as salads, little and often for a continuous supply of fresh crops throughout summer.


As colorful displays from tubs, containers and hanging baskets are some of the most important summer garden features, it pays to pay attention to your patio and container plants now.

If your patio lacks structure, pot up long-term, permanent plants, such as small trees, shrubs – especially evergreens – herbaceous perennials and even fruit for a productive patio.

To get the best from all established plants, give them a good feed. Controlled-release or continuous-release feeds are excellent choices, as they release their nutrients as the plants need them and go on feeding for up to six months.

Check containers regularly and water whenever necessary to keep the compost evenly moist. Adding a water-retention gel to the compost will absorb water and act as a reservoir for plant roots, helping to reduce watering frequency.

If you have a greenhouse or similar protected structure, you can start planting up tubs and hanging baskets with summer bedding, ready to put out at the end of May or early June, whenever the fear of frosts has passed. Starting them indoors means they will come into flower earlier in the summer.

Plant up your patio pots, tubs and hanging baskets with the fuschias, geraniums, petunias and other trailing and bush plants that will provide colour for the rest of the summer. It's easy to create cascades of colour to brighten up the drabbest corners.

Regular watering and feeding will keep your containers looking fantastic all summer.

Greener Gardens are taking a pro active part in dealing with the COVID-19 / Corona Virus. Given we work in the outdoors, we feel fortunate that we can mitigate risks with a few small changes and have amended our working practices to ensure that along with our staff both new and current customers remain safe, especially those who are most vulnerable.

If you would like help with any lawn or patio cleaning projects, don’t hesitate to call Greener Gardens. We would be delighted to provide a no obligation quotation.

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