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Seasonal Info

Winter Lawn Care

During the winter, your lawn still needs that TLC to keep it tip top condition.

Below are some simple projects that will enhance your garden through Winter into Spring.

After a summer of hard wear and periods of dry weather your precious lawn deserves a helping hand this winter. Here are a few tips on how to make sure it is thick and healthy for a really green start next spring.

1. Keep the lawn clear

Collect weekly any dead leaves that fall on the lawn. If they are left, they will quickly weaken the grass leading to bare patches and the spread of pests and disease. Rake up or blow the leaves into heaps ready for composting.

2. Correct Mowing

During the winter months the grass will benefit from a regular cut to “tidy" the lawns appearance, it will also help with controlling moss and make a big difference next spring.

Correct mowing will make the difference between a “so-so” lawn and a great one. There are a few simple steps when mowing that make a big difference in your lawns appearance whatever time of year:

  • A light topping of the grass is always better than a severe “hacking”
  • Regular cutting will make it more enjoyable for you and frequent cutting requires less effort.
  • Avoid cutting the lawn if the lawn is covered in frost.

3. Apply Winter Moss Control and Conditioner

Our winter Moss control and conditioner will help control moss and promote healthy leaves. Once treated the moss will normally show signs of changing colour, this is perfectly normal. To prevent it from thriving in the future, it makes sense to tackle its cause. Either remove branches or lower hedges that cast shade and / or improve drainage.

4. Soil Improver

Now is a great time to apply our soil Improver.  Applied Winter and Spring it will improve soil conditions and help develop strong roots which will produce healthy leaves.

More information about Soil Improver

5. Clean up your hard surfaces

It’s not too late to clean up your drive and patio from Algae and Moss – See our web site for details of our path and drive cleaning and weed control services.

For more information see hard surfaces.

Winter Fungal Disease

Red Thread

We often see Red Thread and occasionally Fusarium in customers lawns. Red Thread is a symptom of high humidity or low fertility. It is most common during Summer and Autumn months when humidity is very high and will attack the finer lawn grasses first. It’s a very common fungal disease in lawns.

Fusarium Patch - Period Autumn and Winter

A fungal disease, which is associated from late summer through to winter. When occuring during the winter period its known as Snow Mold

What turf does it affect?

It can be observed all year round on all types of turf.

Fusarium tends to be most prevalent when the turf is damp, cool and conditions are humid, the fungi is water borne and is spread through surface water and contact activity, i.e. Mowing or walking the lawn. It can cause severe damage if left unchecked and often at a time when recovery is unlikely, i.e. autumn.

What causes Fusarium Patch Disease to develop?

Fusarium Patch Disease is caused by mild autumnal or winter weather.

Other conditions that assist its development are:

  • Lower light levels due to cloud cover
  • Reduced daylight hours
  • Morning mists that are slow to clear
  • Lack of air movement
  • Overnight temperatures remaining above seasonal averages

Control Treatments

Fusarium is a disease that has been caused by nature and the best remedy is also provided by nature. A change in weather conditions to colder temperatures, higher light levels and greater air movement usually corrects the problem. It is necessary for these conditions to then prevail to prevent the condition from returning.

We do not recommend fungicide to deal with the problem, due to cost, longevity and effectiveness, instead we promote a holistic approach with wour Soil Enrichment programme to naturally increase soil health.


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