Seasonal Info

Benefits of a seasonal Lawn Care programme

Seasonal Info

Benefits of using our treatment service

We have summarised some of the benefits of our lawn treatments included in our programmes:

Whichever you choose, Starter, Improver, Lover & Connoisseur

  • Our treatments are safe for you, your family and pets;
  • Safe for the environment;
  • Our feeds last TWICE as long as DIY products;
  • Our professional products target weeds that DIY don’t;
  • We apply specialist moss control products;
  • Our fully licensed technicians apply the product for you;
  • Independently audited and registered BASIS Lawn Assured.

Monthly guide to our treatments

Below is a guide to optimal times for completing different lawn care and hard surface care treatments around your home.


Why feed your lawn

During the year your lawns seasonal needs change, our feeds will gently provide your lawn with the correct balance of nutrient. To get the best effect from any lawn treatment, avoid mowing for three days after treatment.

79% of our treatments use 100% natural ingredients. Our tried and tested lawn starter programme is safe for the environment using technology to reduce leaching and nitrification of gases into the atmosphere.

Benefits during the changing seasons….

Spring Feed & Moss Control –  will replace essential nutrients lost over winter. Moss will be treated. The combination of quick and controlled release feeds will encourage a thicker sward and a quick green up.

Early Summer Feed & Weed Control – The feed ensures the lawn is provided with all the nutrient to grow thick and healthy. Weeds are treated ensuring your lawn is green and weed free.

Summer Feed & Weed Control - The gentle release of our “no scorch” summer feed will ensure the lawn is healthy. Stubborn weeds are treated ensuring that your lawn is green and weed free.

Autumn Feed & Moss Control -The specialist autumn feed includes important trace elements for root health. Any early Autumn moss is treated. Your lawn is prepared for the changing season and will maintain a great colour into Winter.

Winter Moss Control & Conditioner - The treatment targets winter moss and hardens leaf structure ready winter and whilst maintaining good.

Why is Soil Health important

The healthier your soil, the healthier your lawn

Benefits of Soil Health “Lawn Lover” for your lawn

  • Feeds the lawns natural soil web;
  • Boosts microbial activity;
  • microorganisms to mineralize nutrients for growth and development;
  • Naturally improves soil structure;
  • Encourages a thicker healthier sward;
  • Helps lawns recover from disease and stress.

Aeration - Let your lawn Breathe

Compact soil prevents grass from establishing a healthy root system. Regular lawn aeration is a key element of a healthy lawn, improving air exchange, aiding water flow to the roots and helping the lawn achieve a natural balance.

Benefits of aerating your lawn

  • Builds a stronger healthier root system;
  • Breaks up compacted heavy soils common in the Nottingham area;
  • Produces fractures and fissures that grass roots thrive in;
  • Aids recovery in high traffic areas;
  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance;
  • Allows soil to dry more quickly after rain.

Scarification - Lawn Refresh

Overtime organic matter increases in your lawn eventually forming a ‘Thatch. This is particularly relevant to lawns made up of fine species grass plants. If it is allowed to build up it will have a damaging effect on your lawn, as it will weaken the grass and encourage the growth of both moss and weeds.

At Greener Gardens we have a selection of machines and specialist blades to cut through dead organic matter and horizontal shoot growth. Where horizontal shoots are cut they re-sprout leading to a denser sward.To do this by raking is a strenuous and physically demanding task.

Benefits of scarifying your lawn

  • Removes organic matter, helping it breathe;
  • Encourages a thicker healthier sward;
  • Reduces moss level;
  • Helps reduce unevenness of the lawn;
  • Ideal preparation for overseeding.

Our experience of Nottingham lawns is:

Scarification of your lawn is a vigorous process, and may look far worse than before the scarification for a short while before your lawn recovers.

Most lawns will benefit from scarification every 2 to 3 years depending on the soil and grass species.

Red Thread Lawn Disease

Red Thread is often seen on lawns in the UK from mid summer through to and including the autumn time. It is often seen on fine fescue lawns, but can develop on all lawn types. It is a fairly minor disease that in most cases does relatively little damage, but can spoil a well kept lawns appearance. It is spread by spores within the air.

Our Soil Biology and Soil Improver treatments will increase plant health and reduce stress, aiding a quicker recovery.

Lawn Weed Management

Our weed management will target weed during the year, including those difficult to control weeds like speedwell and selfheal. Persistent weeds like speedwell may require additional action.

Why is feeding and cutting important?

If you regularly cut the grass to a minimum of 30mm and it is well fed, then the lawn will become thick and strong, this will naturally help eliminate weeds and moss as the don’t get a chance to thrive.

Lawn Mowing Tips

We promote regular mowing all year, a golden rule would be “little and often”.

  • Ideal cutting heights for the majority of lawns is 30/50mm,
  • Ideal cutting height for a fine species lawn is 25/35mm.
  • Keep the mower blades sharp for a great cut.
  • Don’t forget to keep the edges trim for that great finish.


When to Water
It is better to apply two good watering’s per week to the lawn rather than frequent light watering. Your lawn will require moistening to a depth of 6" weekly, for a loam or clay soil this will be achieved by approximately by 1-1½" of water. A sandy soil will be moistened to a depth of approximately 6" by ½ -¼" of water. It is more efficient to water your lawn at the first sign of drought, rather than wait until the lawn has become stressed or dormant.

Lawn Pests

The main pest our customers encounter are ants, although not as harmful to turf as wormcasts, ant hills can disfigure lawns. They usually appear in summer, especially prevalent in damp conditions and should be dispersed by brushing the soil when dry. This will avoid smearing them on the lawn when mowing. Over time left untreated the lawn may become uneven. Ants can also damage roots which may cause yellowing.

Ants can be controlled by treating with either biological nematodes or chemical treatments.

Our customers have great success using Ant Stop granule with a pro active approach during the summer. Available from our van or on line.

Hard surfaces clean up

It's always a good time of year to clean up your drive and patio from Algae, Moss and weeds.

Our biocide will kill mould and other growths within typically 2-4 days, and the secondary detergent action will help to gently clean the treated surface in the following weeks and months without the need for pressure washing.

Our biocide is:

  • 100 % Non-Abrasive: There is no need for any aggressive or damaging application methods such as high-pressure water-blasting or steam cleaning.
  • Suitable for all exterior hard surfaces, including delicate surfaces such as plaster, rendering, mortar and glass.
  • Long-Lasting: small and diminishing residues will protect against re-growth. Typically this protection will be for 6-9 months after the first application, and 8-12 months after subsequent applications.

For more information see hard surfaces.

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