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Greener Gardens concentrates on providing excellent customer service throughout the changing seasons.

You to can help by leaving a google review, it helps new customers and we really appreciate it to.

Below are some recent customer comments...

Many thanks John – I will warn the family to expect you – good luck to all your excellent team & stay safe."
Mr P Kinoulton
Mar 20

"Thanks for your continued excellent and safe service."
Mr A West Bridgford
Mar 20

"Thanks for your updates and keeping us so well informed.  I feel your pain as a self employed builder myself"
Mr K Radcliffe on Trent
Mar 20

"Thank you very much for the treatment yesterday. Much appreciated."
Mrs M West Bridgford
Mar 20

"Our lawn looked fabulous in the autumn and still looks very nice today thank you. Great work from you and your team and I will be happy to act as a referee whenever you need me."
Mr C Ruddington
Jan 20

"I was very pleased with the Treatment and am sorry to have cancel.  I thank you again for last years treatment plan it was excellant."
Mrs M Nuthall
Jan 20

"Can I please cancel this as we have now moved house.
Thank you for the excellent service we’ve received from you. I won’t hesitate to get in touch when needed."
Mrs S, Woodborough
Jan 20

"I’m pleased to report our lawn is looking really good and well revived after last year’s drought. Grass is remarkable but then it has had the benefit of the tender loving care of Greener Gardens throughout the year"
Mrs R, Cropwell Bishop
Sep 19

"Just wanted to say that this year's hanging basket is the best yet, they are always lovely but this year's is exceptional, So thank you very much"
Mrs F, Arnold
Jul 19

"You have provided helpful tips and solutions to lawn care and brought our lawn back to looking healthy"
Mr P, Keyworth
May 19

"I just wanted to say that Kate and Dave did a great job of scarifying and over seeding our lawn, please thank looked hard work. "
Mrs D, West Bridgford
Mar 19

"We had our lawns scarified and over seeded and it looks great for the summer growth"
Mr F, Wilford
Mar 19

"I won’t be requiring lawn treatment this year, I am having a complete change and will be having the garden landscaped without a lawn. Thank you for the excellent service in the past."
Mrs M, Beeston
Feb 19

"I have always been very pleased with what you’ve done - it transformed my grass."
Mrs S, Mapperley
Jan 19

"My lawn is looking fine and green. Thank you for your help in what was a bad year for lawns."
Mr B, Nuthall
Jan 19

"Today, I had this property valued and the garden was very much admired, so thanks a lot to Greener Gardens for all the work you have done in making it what it is."
Mrs B, Nottingham
Jan 19

"Thanks for all the work you did last season, much appreciated."
Mr N, Nottingham
Jan 19

"Hi, just to let you know that today I have pre paid for one year basic lawn care. Thank you for your continued excellent service."
Mrs T, Nottingham
Jan 19

"Thank you for your excellent service and I wish you a Very Happy 2019."
Mrs S, Mapperley
Jan 19

"A great task completed on our grass today. Dave and his young colleague worked hard before I left them and when I returned everywhere was clear, Spick & span."
Mrs S, Edwalton
Nov 18

"Thanks for all your work over the summer. My lawn looks terrific."
Mr A, West Bridgford
Sep 18

"John the boys worked very hard and it all looks very good after the scarification."
Mr H, West Bridgford
Sep 18

Its been a challenging summer for our lawn - during the summer we have been sending care notes to customers, below are some customer feedback from our latest guidance notes.

"The combination of the last feed, some rain and conditions over the last couple of weeks has provided it relief. It's impressive how quickly it's recovered. Thanks for the emails sent over the last few weeks outlining what to do in these dry conditions, they've also been helpful"
"Thank you for the very informative lawn info"
"Thank you so much for all your info re my lawn."
"Thanks for the good advice."
"Thank you John for your care, support and professional advice."
"Thank you very much for looking after us so well."
Misc Customers
Aug 18

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for providing such a high quality and friendly service and hope to come back to you at some point in the future."
Mr V, West Bridgford
Jun 18

"I'm really pleased with my first treatment, my lawn now looks great"
Mr S, Beeston
Nov 17

"I would like to thank you for the treatment you have given my lawn over the last few years. Your service is excellent and I have recommended you to others who have asked about you"
Mrs M, Radcliffe on Trent
Nov 17

"Thanks for the good service. We were recommended by...."
Mr C, West Bridgford
Oct 17

"We are leaving the property in November, I have been very pleased with your services and happily recommend you to others."
Mrs C, West Bridgford
Sep 17

"Thank you for looking after our lawns so well over the last few years and we wish you all goood health and continued success."
Mrs A, Tollerton
Sep 17

"The lawn is looking excellent - Thank you."
Mrs B, West Bridgford
Jun 17

"I would like to thank you for your service over the years. You and the team have provided a great service and I would not hesitate to recommend you."
Mr B, West Bridgford
Apr 17

"Many thanks, good clean tidy and thorough job"
Mr M, Normanton
Mar 17

"Further to your letter of January I am writing to inform you that I have set up a quarterly standing order for the 2017. Thank you to you and your team for your timely and efficient services."
Mr R, Granby
Jan 17

"Thank you for your hard work keeping the lawns looking good"
Mr C, Wysall
Dec 16

"Thanks to the whole team for another year of hard work & excellent advice"
Mr L, West Bridgford
Dec 16

"They always come at the time notified in advance. They work quickly and tidily and are always courteous. Lawn is already much improved. Competitive prices. Privately owned business (not a franchise). Highly recommended!"
Mr B, Notingham
Oct 16

"Just to let you know we are thrilled with your services!"
Mrs B, Bingham
Oct 16

"I am very pleased with the results of the two summer treatments and the lawn is looking great."
Mrs B, Cropwell Bishop
Oct 16

"We will be moving so we will no longer require the services of Greener Gardens. We will of course pass on your details to the new owners. Thank you for looking after our lawn for the last few years - we have been more than happy with your work, and have recommended you to several friends. We hope your business continues to grow and thrive."
Mr T, Hoveringham
Sep 16

"Thank you – I’m delighted with my lawn, it looks a million times better than it did before your visits. It’s now weed free and lush!"
Mrs R, West Bridgford
Aug 16

"We are very pleased with the work you have done to transform our grass. For the first time in many years, it looks like a proper lawn!"
Mr H, Nr Newark
Jul 16

"I can't thank you enough for what you have already done with my grass. It is looking the best it has in years. I can't believe it. Wonderful. So pleased I found your company"
Miss F, Radcliffe on Trent
Apr 16

"Thank you to Kate too. I very much appreciated Kate's practical and informed approach; and her optimism! It seems all is not lost"
Mar 16

"Your attention to detail and particularly the advice were much appreciated. The lawn continues to improve despite the very wet weather"
Mr B, West Bridgford
Jun 16

"Just want to say what a difference your treatments have made to our lawns. Thank you"
Mrs T, Cropwell Butler
Mar 16

"We were pleased with the way our lawn developed over 2015 and would like to extend this to 2016, the winter moss treatment really helped".
Mr D, Beeston
Jan 16

"For your info I would not consider using any other company than yours – we have been delighted.
Mr H, Keyworth
Jan 16

"Thanks for an excellent service in 2015."
Mr A, Wollaton
Jan 16

"I am sure you will be pleased to know that one or two people passing by have commented on how good our front lawn looks which has to be a compliment to you."
Mr W, Keyworth
Jan 16

"I will be moving early in the New Year. Thank you for the many years great service"
Mr B, Owthorpe
Dec 15

"Grass looking excellent following the Autumn scarification"
Mr P, Edwalton
Nov 15

"I just want to say thanks to you and the team for your service in the past few years. You worked wonders on the front lawn,(have a look at it as you pass), I can't believe how good it looks now"
Mr D, Tollerton
Nov 15

"Just received the lawn seed. Thank you so much for a brilliant service"
Mrs G, WB

"Bills, Bills Bills - but we don't mind yours, the lawn looks great"
Mrs M, Bramcote

"Payment has been made and the lawn is looking great!"
Mr M, West Bridgford

"Just to let you know we are moving shortly so we will no longer require your excellent services. Thank you for your professionalism over the years."
Mr B. Ravenshead

"I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the work you've done in the garden, it's now virtually weed free and I'm very pleased with it".
Mrs R. Long Eaton

"Treatment completed yesterday and yes the lawn is looking so much better, thank you. Payment made online".
Mrs C. West Bridgford

"Please pass on my thanks to Mark - the weeds in the fenced off pets area of the garden have been killed. Job well done. I’m happy".
Mr B. Owthorpe

"We have always been very impressed with your friendly and efficient service, and look forward to your next visit to our garden".
Mr H. Beeston

"Many thanks the grass looks lots greener and we look forward to your next visit".
Mrs W. West Bridgford

"Just back from holiday last evening. Lawns look in super order when we woke this morning (and the frost had gone)"
Mr M, Kinoulton

"This year my lawn looks the best it has ever so thank you all very much. Best wishes"
Mrs K, Arnold

"We would like to thank you for your excellent service. We are moving but I will leave your details for the new owners of number 21."
Mrs R, Mapperley

"Just wanted to email you to say thank you so much for getting our lawn back to a very green and healthier state. Our landlord is very happy with the recovery progress Greener Gardens has achieved."
Mrs F, West Bridgford

"Just to say thank you very much for calling and giving advice regarding the lawn, it would have been easy for you to treat the lawn and not bother to give the good advice you have. We very much appreciate your honesty and we will follow your recommendations."
Mrs G, Radcliffe on Trent

"My house is up for sale. I have to say I have been very pleased with your services & would not hesitate to recommend you. You are by far the best company I have had."
Mrs C, Trowell

"We have sold our property. We will of course tell the new owners about your excellent service and if we stay in Nottingham, we will no doubt contact you again.
Thank you for your good service - the lawn has never been better."
Mr L, Trowell

"We have only received one lawn treatment, but we can really see a difference already. We have been delighted with the complete experience, from enquiry through to the lawn survey and quotation."
Mr D, Edwalton

"Thank you for your great service over the last few years. I have no reservation about recommending your service"
Mrs D, Mapperley Park

"The garden looks great, the lawn sets off the house and the whole family have enjoyed using the garden."
Mrs T, Hickling

"Thanks for the work completed this past year - garden looks green and lush."
Mrs C. Gunthorpe, Notts

"We have been delighted by the results and wish to continue next year."
Mr S, Nottm

"Both the service and the results are great, we are delighted."
Mr W, Nottm

"Thanks for all your efforts, we have really enjoyed the garden this year."
Miss B, Nottm

"Delighted with the improvement to the lawn over the past year - Many thanks!"
Mrs C. Ruddington

"We really can't believe the difference after just one treatment"
Mr L, Nottingham

"Bills, Bills Bills - but we don't mind yours, the lawn looks great"
Mrs M, Bramcote

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