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Helping the environment


At Greener Gardens® we are conscious of the environment and how what we do impacts on it.

Treatsafe® demonstates our commitment and steps we take to ensure safety of the environment, our customers and staff not just during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In today’s world nothing is more consistent than the need for change. At Greener Gardens, we remain committed to doing our best to make positive changes to protect your lawn and home environment, easy words, but we are matching these words with a proactive holistic approach to ensuring lawn health.

Our voluntary membership of BASIS lawn Assured and UK Lawncare Association is part of our commitment to doing things well and safe, leaving you reassured that all the products and technology utilised in our programmes are safe and as natural as possible.

Our Environmental objectives

  • Review control products we use annually for safety and ensure they are fit for purpose for our customers, staff and the environment;
  • Listen and agree realistic expectations for a healthy lawn and help our customers with easy to understand information;
  • Promote an integrated lawn care approach for best results.

This short Amenity Forum video explains a bit more about the lawn care industry.

Not just greener in name ...

  • 79 % of our treatments are either 100% natural, or manually labour intensive.
  • All of our treatments are safe for children and pets once dry.
  • We use professional products chosen not just for product performance, but also for those that are as environmentally friendly as possible
  • We use specialist software to keep you informed about visits, reduce road miles and emissions.
  • We work in partnership with you deliver a great looking lawn.

A healthy lawn

There are many benefits to a healthy lawn, beyond being a source of pride and enjoyment for your family. A healthy lawn cools the environment, converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, improves our air quality, and stabilizes the ground beneath our feet.

Did you know?

  • 60m2 of lawn provides enough oxygen for one person for an entire day
  • A healthy lawn prevents run-off, absorbing rainfall six times more effectively than a wheat field and four times better than a hay field
  • One single grass plant can have 387 miles of roots
  • Up to 90 percent of the weight of a grass plant is in its roots.
  • Healthy grass producing more biomass has a higher sequestration of carbon

Below are just a few of our many practices to ensure both a beautiful lawn and a healthy environment.

Our lawn care programs are designed to provide your lawn with a safe and balanced nutrition to keep it thick, healthy, green and weed free whilst reducing the impact to the air and soil.

We recommend lawn beneficial (cultural) and natural soil enrichment treatments as part of the programme to improve your lawn, soil conditions and soil health, all these have a beneficial environmental impact.

We do use control products, Greener Gardens evaluate each product used and offer natural products where available. If no natural product is available we only apply the necessary amounts of the latest products available to manage weeds.

All of our operatives are trained in the correct handling, use and application of products, we only use products that have been approved by government authorities and apply them using the modern accurate equipment.

We are voluntary members of BASIS lawn Assured and UK Lawncare Association, a network of Independent lawn care operators. Our membership demonstrates our  commitment to quality and environment responsibility.

Not decided about real grass, here is an article about Plastic Grass "Why fake grass is far from green in ways you might not guess" -  Guardian July 2022


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