Chafer Grub – Take a proactive approach

Do you live in an area with light sandy soil?

We recommend that customers in high risk areas treat their lawns in April/May to prevent the build up of this pest and so reduce the risk of having to re seed the lawn at some point in the future.

It is advisable when first applied to treat the lawn for at least two seasons (spring and autumn) to reduce the population. After that it might be possible to treat as required. However, if you live in a high risk area you will be exposed to annual infection and so it may be best to treat every year as a precaution.

What the professional says:

  • Use Nemasys® Chafer Grub Killer to deal with infestation in lawns.

Apply to moist lawns and the soil temperature is above 12ºC. Immediately after application, water the grass well, this is vital to ensure the nematodes are washed down through the sward to reach the roots to where the chafer grubs are.

Make sure the lawn does not dry out after applying nematodes. Keep the lawn well watered for at least two weeks.

Reasons to choose Nemasys® Chafer Grub Killer:

  • Chemical Free
  • Children and pets can be allowed on the area immediately after treatment
  • Safe to use on all types of turf
  • Use to deal with an Chafer Grub infestation
  • Use April/May and August, September and October

Coverage Small 100m2 (1/4 tennis court) / Large 500m2 (1 tennis court)

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