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Seasonal Info

Winter Lawn Care & Garden Tips

As autumn turns to winter:

1. Make the most of any dry days and rake the lawn to keep it free of leaves.

2. Service the Mower and ensure to check that the blades are sharp. If you have a petrol mower add a fuel enhancer (eg B&Q Lawn Mower Fuel Enhancer) This will provide additional protection to your mower engine and increase the longevity of the fuel. Stale fuel is a common problem of over wintered machinery.

Because of the mild autumn the grass is still actively growing, keeping the lawn trimmed will vastly improves it’s appearance, your property kerb appeal and the lawns health.

Below are a few winter lawn care tips:

1. Winter Mowing

Correct mowing makes the difference between a “so-so” lawn and a great one. As we move into winter here are a few simple steps when mowing that make a big difference in your lawns appearance whatever time of year:

  • A light topping of the grass is always better than a severe hacking
  • Keep cutting the grass throughout the winter months for that professional look.
  • Do not cut the grass if frost is present.
  • If finding a dry day to cut the lawn is a problem drag the reverse side of a brush over the lawn, wait 30 minutes or so and then the lawn should be dry enough to cut.

2. Keep the lawn clear of leaves

Collect weekly fallen leaves. If they are left, they can weaken the grass leading to bare patches and be a source of food for worm. Uncollected leaves can help the spread of pests and disease.

Fallen leaves are a great for composting.

3. Worm Casts

The increase in rainfall may create an increase in worm activity. Worm casts can play havoc making lawns look messy and ultimately encourage weeds and weed grasses.

Prevention is better than cure, so rake up leaves,  use a wire rake for removing casts, alternatively use a stiff brush.

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