The warmer weather will encourage lawns into growth

What a great a weekend, the sun was shining and didn’t it feel warm compared to recent weeks.  Looking around the garden the shrubs are startling to swell and some are bursting into leaf.

So what about the lawn, well the warmer weather will encourage lawns into growth and by now most lawn owners will have given their grass it’s first gentle trim to tidy up the look of the lawn.

From now on regular mowing is the key to a great looking lawn. Not too short, but trim enough to look tidy. The aim should be to keep it to a length of 2.5 - 4cm long (1 to 1.5 in) high. This length may seem long to some lawn owners, but it is worth following as it will help deter weed growth as there is little light for germinating weed seeds and it encourages a thick sward that provides little room at soil level for the growth of moss.

If your lawn is looking pale or thin then our spring, feed and moss control will encourage stronger and more vigorous grass growth.

If you have petrol mower, a common fault after a long winter in the shed is that the fuel goes “stale”. Replace it with some fresh fuel and that will normally fix any starting issues.
Whatever your mower type, sharp blades give a perfect cut and can prevent a lot of poor lawn appearance issues during the season.

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