To Mow or Not to Mow!

 We often find that customers who cut their lawn on a regular basis have a better looking lawn, if your unsure of best practice for cutting your lawn, we have simplified this into these simple rules:

  • Never more than 1/3rd off in any one cut
  • Mow frequently, weekly is best when the lawn is actively growing.
  • Check your mower regularly for cutting height and blade sharpness.

Regardless of your mowers cutting action, the principles remain the same.

The 'One Third' Rule

You should never remove more than one third of the grass blade on any one mowing. Therefore, if your lawn mower is set for a 3cm (1 ") cut then you must mow at or before the grass gets to 4cm (1½") whether that's 4 days or 8 days between cuts.

Regardless of the mowing height never leave your lawn more than 10 to 14 days between cuts. If you have a lawn mowing service coming every two weeks, just ask them to raise the mowing height so that you stay as close to the one third rule as possible.

Why Mow Little and Often?

For many of us little and often means once a week. This will produce a much denser and more aspirational turf, than if your grass cutting is every two weeks.

A dense turf is the best looking and a great form of natural weed control as it prevents weed seeds from contact with the soil. If the seed doesn't contact the soil then there is a very good chance that no weed grows; perfect! Follow these simple guidelines:

When growth is good (usually spring & autumn) mow at least every 7 to 10 days if using a rotary, and every 3 to 5 days if using a cylinder mower.

You will not do any harm if you cut more frequently so long as your lawn mower and blades are in good condition. But remember, you will NOT benefit the grass by giving it a severe hacking less often.

If I don't follow these rules, what happens?

Thin patchy lawns are often the result of infrequent mowing or removing too much of the grass when you cut. Mow infrequently AND mow short and before long you won't have a lot of lawn left to mow!

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