Let the Indego from Bosch take care of your lawn ...

We appreciate the secret of a great looking lawn is regular cutting, Introducing The Indego, Mows all by itself, so you can enjoy other projects.

Just leave it to the Indego from Bosch. It mows your lawn, finds its way all by itself and always delivers the perfect cut. How does it achieve this? It’s simple – with ‘Logicut’. The intelligent navigation system automatically measures your garden, calculates the shortest possible route and gets mowing in orderly parallel lines.

And if it finds a branch in its way the Indego automatically mows around it. It’s actually so autonomous that it can charge its lithium-ion battery pack itself from its charger. It also cares for your lawn as the short grass clippings act as a mulch. It can be used in most weather conditions, handles up to 35 % slopes, boasts all-round safety features and is protected from theft by a PIN and alarm system.

Let the Indego take care of the lawn so that you can take care of other projects.

For information on where to purchase the Indego please ring 0844 736 0106


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