An evening with Cropwell Bishop Gardening Club

We recently spent an evening with Cropwell Bishop Gardening Club as the speaker after the AGM.

The evening started with Judy Thomas reviewing past speakers and gardens visited during 2013  followed by our presentation “Gardening in 2014” which covered how products available to buy in the store come from professional origins, product development eg 17 years to bring a grass seed variety to market and how to get the best from products in the your garden. During the talk we also looked at alternative methods of pest and disease control and how products differ.
Feedback afterwards included “Good and lively talk tonight, thank you”

Check out your local gardening club, they are a great source of education and companionship.

An extract on the talk from CBGC

“A Greener Garden” John Draper After refreshments (thank you Muriel and Margaret), the second half of the meeting was a talk from John Draper. John has been in commercial horticulture for thirty years and now runs the Greener Gardens lawn treatment service. He inspired us with his enthusiasm and knowledge of the huge range of products that are available for the amateur gardener. Scientific advances have really revolutionised how we can improve the growth of, and protect, our plants. He explained about moss killers and weed killers – they are not the same apparently. Why slug pellets should be used sparingly, or alternatively use Nemaslug slug killer. The nematodes are slug parasites and will seek, search and destroy the slugs. Weapons of slug destruction! Patio Magic is brilliant for removing moss on drives, but do not use it on lawns, even if your moss is the duvet of death! Companion planting or integrated pest management is a simple way to prevent pests. One species of plant may help another by deterring the presence of pests. Plant roses and lavender together, or marigolds and tomatoes, or rhubarb and custard (I made that one up!). But probably the best advice was on looking after lawns. Cut lawns frequently and not too low, never more than one third off at a time. Our thanks to John for his informative and interesting presentation. Richard.

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