Spare a thought for your grass!

If like us you enjoyed a week end of sunshine and BBQ’s spare a thought for your grass.

The combination of high day temperatures and strong winds over the last few days has really dried surfaces and with little or no rain on the horizon for the week, this will prove a testing time for your lawns.

On our own lawn I have observed signs of moisture stress. It’s most evident when you look at foot traffic across the lawn, and also a colour change from its normal bright green to a dull blue.

Both suggest that the grass plant has insufficient moisture in the leaves to maintain their structure and is an indication that the moisture status of the plant is critically out of balance.

What can be done?

  • Definitely, raise the cut height to maximum, this will help with cooling the soil surface and reduce leaf stress.
  • If you decide to water, we suggest watering well and consistently throughout this period and beyond.
  • If you decide not to water, that isn’t a problem, the grass will do what it does naturally and go into drought dormancy, it will soon recover when adequate rain fall returns.

For more information see our web site watering advise


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