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Garden Diary

This Months Garden Diary

Traditionally the coldest month of the year, but whilst It may still be winter out there, indoors it is warm enough to grow all manner of seeds and seedlings that are easily capable of bursting into new life. A mild spell outdoors will provide the opportunity to improve soil, get seedlings under way and prepare for a more beautiful garden this spring and summer.

Beds and Borders . . .
Canny gardeners have realised that buying almost fully grown plants in early summer ready to plant out in patio pots, hanging baskets and garden borders is not the cheapest way of buying plant material. Unfortunately varieties are almost always restricted and unusual new strains of plants with the most vibrant of colours are not always available. Pots of flowering bedding plants may be great for the 'instant' gardeners who first touch soil in May, but provide no growing satisfaction for hobby gardeners.

The trend hobby gardeners who love to get their hands dirty  is to buy seedlings or plug plants early in the new year and to grow these plants on until they are ready to plant out. In this way you get a wider choice of colours and various varieties to choose from. Your garden centre will have plenty of these tiny seedlings and plantlets to choose from in February and March or you can order them from a catalogue or the internet to get an even wider selection. 

After a mild wet winter the grass is likely to be in need of some TLC, you may notice that moss has spread into bare patches and colonised the soil surface. This is a great time to deal with the invader.

You may want to cut the grass to keep the lawn looking trim. Don’t be tempted to cut the grass to it’s shortest summer setting, but leave it much longer to reduce any harmful effects from subsequent frosts.

Start by mowing the lawn and at the same time checking what conditions you find under foot. Choose a dry day when frost is not present. Your grass will benefit from a feed, the moss controlling and if you have the energy the drainage improved over the whole lawn. Alternatively, contact Greener Gardens who will be happy to provide a free quotation for all your lawncare needs.

Don't walk on the grass while it is frozen or frosted. Crushing the frozen blades of grass results in a burn that turns brown and the footsteps will be visible for weeks.

Don’t forget trimming the outer edges of the lawn into shape will provide a clear definition between lush green lawn and the surrounding flower bed.

Patio Tubs & Baskets…
Patio pots and hanging baskets are an essential part of a modern patio when they are full of summer colour and scent. Although we like to have some productive areas containing tomatoes and peppers, decorative flowers are the essential elements of patio gardening.

Plant breeders have been working hard over the years to provide us with a wide range of container flowers and easier ways to ensure we display perfect baskets and patio pot full of lowers, fruit and vegetables.

Now is a great time to apply a biocide treatment to your hard surfaces, this will targets green and black mold, algae and moss on all exterior hard surfaces.

Grow your Own…
Before fruit trees and bushes burst into flower, dress the soil around the roots with a Controlled Release granular Plant Food. Just a few handfuls to cover the area of the spreading branches is sufficient to feed these plants for the rest of the season. After application, dig the plant food into the top few centimetres of soil and then mulch the area with the compost from finished growing bags. This will retain moisture in the soil and if a sufficient depth is achieved will also help to suppress weed growth.

If the weather is mild towards the end of the month then you can chance a sowing of parsnips, broad beans and peas. A covering of cloches or fleece will ensure the germinating seeds are protected from the hardest weather.

More detailed information can be found at www.greenergardens.co.uk

If you would like help with any lawn or hard surface projects, don’t hesitate to call Greener Gardens on 0115 837 8439. We would be delighted to provide a no obligation quotation.


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