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Garden Diary

This Months Garden Diary

Probably the busiest month of the gardening calendar, when most of us plant out tender bedding plants, summer seeds and vegetable plants such as beans and tomatoes. Established roses, shrubs and herbaceous plants will soon be in bloom and weeds will be running riot in any bare patch of soil. It's difficult to keep on top of everything, so here are a few guidelines for the most important jobs that need tackling in May.

Beds and Borders . . .
Garden Centres will be full of tender bedding plants from the end of April and some gardeners plant them in the garden immediately, gambling that there won't be any late frosts in their area to kill them off. Some years they are lucky and they have a really early flush of colour from geraniums, busy lizzies, petunias and fuchsias. In other years, late frosts can occur up to the end of May.
Early planting of tender bedding plants is OK if you are prepared to watch the weather forecast for your area and have sheets of newspaper to fix over the plants every evening in May should frosts be predicted.

When planting out bedding, give the plants a thorough watering in the trays or pots the night before planting so they have had a good drink ready for root disturbance and the trauma of new surroundings. Select your plants for the conditions your garden offers. All of the plants will appreciate a rich organic soil improver dug in before planting. This will improve the structure and help the retention of water and nutrients.

Feeding shrubs and climbers during the summer is quick and easy, choose a system that suits you and don’t forget to make an early start on keeping the roses clear of pests and disease.

The warm, bright weather of May will encourage grass to grow really fast. For best results and to encourage a thick sward we recommend you mow each week, this will also encourage the lawn to grow slower!. Regular mowing is the ideal way to keep your lawn looking in tip top condition and be envy of the neighbourhood.

Many weed seeds that germinate in a lawn are easily controlled with regular mowing. But some low growing weeds such as dandelions, white clover and daisies spread sideways and hide beneath the cutting blades. The easiest way to rid your lawn of these weeds is to treat them with a selective weedkiller such as Weedol for lawns Ready to Use. It kills the broadleaved weeds without harming the grass. If all this sounds complicated the team at Greener Gardens are applying a range of professional herbicides not available to the general public that give a broad spectrum of control for those lawn weeds, simply contact to arrange your first visit.

Patio Tubs & Baskets…
For some, Hanging baskets of summer flowers may not be as fashionable as they used to be, but they do make a spectacular statement next to front doors and beside patio dining areas. The age-old saying that "eye-level is buy level" hasn't changed and these spectacular waterfalls of colour, many dripping flower colour to a length of two metres, make a really colourful statement. Plus you will get colour from the end of May through until the first frost in October.

Perhaps even easier for all of us are large window boxes, planters or troughs that have a water reservoir in the bottom of the container. Once established and securely fastened on a wall or fence they can survive for a fortnight or more between waterings and still grow some really spectacular flowers.

Patios are excellent places for growing a wide range of salads, fruit and vegetables. Plant three tomatoes in one Tomorite Giant Planter in late May and you can expect to pick many kilos of ripe, tasty fruit before the end of summer. Similarly if you have a sunny space you can grow bell peppers, chilli peppers and aubergines in pots or Miracle-Gro Fruit & Vegetable Planters.

Grow your Own…
There are plenty of vegetable seeds to be sown now that we are in May. The tender ones, including sweet corn, runner beans, French beans, squash, courgettes and outdoor cucumbers can't stand cold nights and could be killed if we get a late frost. The hardier seeds that can go directly into shallow drills out in the garden include carrots, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, radish and peas.
At the end of the month buy tomato plants from your local. For small flavourful tomatoes select a variety such as Sungold or Gardener's Delight - for large beefsteak ones go for Marmande. Pick a warm sunny spot in the garden or patio and stake the plants early.

Whenever you spot seeds germinating or you have recently planted out seedlings scatter some slug pellets around them to protect your new plants from fatal damage.
Keep weeds under control around the stems of apples, pears and soft fruit such as raspberries and loganberries. Hoeing is possible around trees, although the shallow roots of gooseberries and raspberries can be damaged by this method of weed control.

If you would like help with any lawn or hard surface projects, don’t hesitate to call Greener Gardens on 0115 837 8439. We would be delighted to provide a no obligation quotation.

More detailed information can be found at www.greenergardens.co.uk



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