Winter Lawn Care Tips

Our Winter treatment is designed to help the lawn through Winter and provides the essential nutrients for a deep green colour.

Because of the mild autumn the grass is still actively growing, keeping the lawn trimmed will vastly improves it’s appearance, your property kerb appeal and the lawns health.

Winter Lawn and Garden Projects

Our winter conditioner will help maintain a deep green colour whilst ‘hardening’ the lawn ready for Winter.

We also treat moss control and within two weeks it will normally show signs of turning black. To prevent it from thriving in the future, it makes sense to tackle its cause. Either remove branches or lower hedges that cast shade and / or improve drainage.

Keep the lawn clear
1. Leaf Litter - Collect weekly any dead leaves that fall on the lawn. If they are left, they can encourage weaken the grass leading to bare patches and the spread of pests and disease. Rake up or blow the leaves into heaps ready for composting.

2. Worm Casts - The increase in rainfall has also seen a dramatic increase in worm activity. Worm casts play havoc, making lawns look messy and ultimately encourage weeds and weed grasses. A wire rake is good for removing casts, alternatively use a brush.

Now is a great time to apply Soil Improver ....

  • Improves soil structure and tilth;
  • Creates friable soils and builds deeper top-soil;
  • Breaks up soils compacted by sodium and clay;
  • Allows soil to dry more quickly after rain or irrigation enabling it to be worked sooner;
  • Enhances friendly bacterial action and discourages plant diseases related to poor soil aeration;
  • Conditioned soil allows for deeper, healthier root development and water penetration.


Correct mowing will make the difference between a “so-so” lawn and a great one. Lawns still appreciate a regular cut during the winter, try it... your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood:

• A light topping of the grass is always better than a severe “hacking”
• Keep cutting the grass throughout the winter months for that professional look
• Do not cut the grass if frost is present
• If finding a dry day to cut the lawn is a problem drag the reverse side of a brush over the lawn, wait 30 minutes or so and then the lawn should be dry enough to cut

Recommended cutting heights

Your lawn appreciates adjusting the cutting height throughout the year, however, if you just want one setting for the entire season use the highest recommendation.

Lawn Cutting Heights

Importance of cutting heights

Cut height and root depth

Clean up your Drive and Patio

It’s not to late to clean up your drive and patio from Algae, Moss and weeds.

Our biocide will kill mould and other growths within typically 2-4 days, and the secondary detergent action will help to gently clean the treated surface in the following weeks and months without the need for pressure washing

"Delighted with the results, within seven days you could really see a difference to the York paving" Excellent
Mr B, West Bridgford

"Our drive just got cleaner and cleaner. We are delighted. Thank You"
Mr M, Tollerton

Our cleaner is:
100 % Non-Abrasive: There is no need for any aggressive or damaging application methods such as high-pressure water-blasting or steam cleaning.
Suitable for all exterior hard surfaces, including delicate surfaces such as plaster, rendering, mortar and glass.
Long-Lasting: small and diminishing residues will protect against re-growth. Typically this protection will be for 6-9 months after the first application, and 8-12 months after subsequent applications.

Prices start from £15, see our web site for details of our path and drive cleaning and weed control services.

Happy Gardening

The Greener Gardens Team


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