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Seasonal Notes

Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Our Autumn feed is designed to help the lawn prepare Winter and will provides the essential nutrients for a deep green colour.

It’s early September and we have enjoyed a good summer, while we should take time to enjoy the last flowers of summer bedding, the start of autumn provides the best time to prepare the lawn and garden for winter and plant up bulbs for spring displays. Below are some simple projects that will enhance your garden through Autumn and into Winter.

Autumn Lawn Projects

After a summer of hard wear and periods of dry weather your precious lawn deserves a helping hand so that it can recover this autumn. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your lawn for the winter and make sure it is thick and healthy for a really green start next spring. During the autumn months the grass will, with regular cutting “thicken” in density, this will make a huge difference next spring.

I. Feed
Our autumn feed is high in phosphates and potash. This will help strong roots to develop, which will produce healthy leaves.

II. Moss Control
We will treat with a liquid moss control and within two weeks the moss will normally show signs of turning black and this is perfectly normal. To prevent it from thriving in the future, it makes sense to tackle its cause. Either remove branches or lower hedges that cast shade and / or improve drainage.

III. Aeration
This is an effective way to improve the drainage and ensure oxygen supply to the turf roots which will enable healthy root growth. This procedure is vital to the removal and continued control of moss. It also helps lawns in the recovery from Red Thread fungal disease found in so many lawns in the late summer and autumn period.

We prefer to use Hollow-Tine aeration which helps to reduce thatch and sub surface soil compaction, which is normally found on clay soils. During the process a core of soil is removed from the lawn.

Traditional writers would promote brushing a sandy top dressing across the surface of the lawn at approx 3kg/m2 so that it fills the holes - ready mixed bags can be bought from garden centres, however, the current thinking is to leave the holes open.

IV. Scarification
This is a mechanical procedure for the removal of decaying material on the soils surface; this in turn opens channels for water, air and nutrients to get through to the soil. The thatch is collected, bagged and removed from the lawn.

V. Over Seeding
We would recommend using a grass seed mix made up of a grass seed which will be hardwearing but with the visual appeal of a fine ornamental mix.

We recommend Green Velvet grass seed and have the following formulations available from stock

• Multi Purpose (All Rounder)
• Shade (The Shady One)
• Luxury (The Perfectionist)

Now is a great time to apply Soil Improver ....

  • Improves soil structure and tilth;
  • Creates friable soils and builds deeper top-soil;
  • Breaks up soils compacted by sodium and clay;
  • Allows soil to dry more quickly after rain or irrigation enabling it to be worked sooner;
  • Enhances friendly bacterial action and discourages plant diseases related to poor soil aeration;
  • Conditioned soil allows for deeper, healthier root development and water penetration.



Correct mowing will make the difference between a “so-so” lawn and a great one. There are a few simple steps when mowing that make a big difference in your lawns appearance whatever time of year:

• A light topping of the grass is always better than a severe “hacking”
• Regular cutting will make it more enjoyable for you and frequent cutting requires less effort
• Keep cutting the grass regularly and trimming the edges for that smart professional look


Recommended cutting heights

Your lawn appreciates adjusting the cutting height throughout the year, however, if you just want one setting for the entire season use the highest recommendation.

Lawn Cutting Heights

Importance of cutting heights

Cut height and root depth

If the problem persists due to humid conditions we can apply a fungicide treatment after the feed has been applied, however, the moss control applied on our autumn round will also help with control.

Autumnal Leaves - Keep the lawn clear
Collect weekly any dead leaves that fall on the lawn. If they are left, they can encourage weaken the grass leading to bare patches and the spread of pests and disease. Rake up or blow the leaves into heaps ready for composting.

Happy Gardening

The Greener Gardens Team


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